Rocky Mountain Train Journey

Rocky Mountain Train Journey

Named by many ‘the best rail journey on Earth’ and featured on the BBC program ’50 things to do before you die’ the Rocky Mountaineer is a Canadian legend. With an impressive 37 carriages, it’s the longest passenger train in Canadian history, and perhaps the most sensational.

When riding the Rocky Mountaineer, imagine the astonishing views, charming photo opportunities and in our opinion the best view of the Canadian Rockies. 

From snow-capped peaks, river rapids and luxurious green pine woods, there is always something magnificent to see. Keep your eyes peeled as you may be lucky enough to spot some of Canada’s famous wildlife, including black bears, coyotes, elks or even moose.

This is your chance to view the majestic Rocky Mountains from the comfort of a luxury train with full panoramic views so you won’t miss a thing!

Carve through extreme landscapes like BC’s coastal rainforest, the rugged Fraser Canyon, and the historic Cariboo gold rush region on your way to the Canadian Rockies. Or why not venture through the ever-changing landscapes between Denver and Moab, this journey takes you from majestic mountains to mesmerizing red sandstone landscapes that twist through the bright blue sky.

There are multiple options available depending on route you would like take across the US or Canada.

From the moment you set foot onboard, you will be greeted by staff who will go above and beyond to make your journey as comfortable as it is unforgettable.

Enjoy locally sourced food products and eat high quality cuisine surrounded by a never ending picture.

Train by day, a comfortable hotel by night. You won’t have to sleep on the train allowing you to enjoy the luxury of hotels at each destination.

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